Counselors Campus to Careers Toolkit

For career counselors who guide student veterans
A veteran with a prosthetic arm prepares her career plan

Veterans with Disabilities

Transitioning to employment with a disability

Advocacy for veterans with disabilities

A comprehensive list of resources for veterans with disabilities. From the American Association of People with Disabilities

ADA Veterans Fact Sheets

Tips, fact sheets, and other resources on employment rights for veterans with disabilities. From the ADA National Network

A Resource Module for Student Veterans with Disabilities in Higher Education

An in-depth look at issues and resources for student veterans with disabilities in higher education. From the George Washington Graduate School of Education and Human Development

The Realities of Hiring People with Disabilities Fact Sheet

Myths and facts around people with disabilities in the workplace. From Virginia Commonwealth University

Getting to Equal: The Disability Inclusion Advantage

Don’t believe the negative hype about employees with disabilities. This 2018 report finds that employees with disabilities benefit the business. From Accenture

Veterans: Understanding Your Employment Rights Under the Americans with Disabilities Act

Using an easy question-and-answer format, this web page summarizes the rights of veterans with disabilities in the workplace. From the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Assess Your Needs as a Veteran and as a Student with a Disability

Information for student veterans with disabilities. From Ask Vetsfirst

Insightful blog posts for veteran job seekers with disabilities

Great discussions on searching for a job as a veteran with a disability and browse job openings from employers seeking to hire veterans with disabilities. From

Statistics on veterans with disabilities

Find data about veterans with disabilities, including employment, disability type, and income data. From Cornell University. Disability Statistics: Veterans with Service-Connected Disabilities