Counselors Campus to Careers Toolkit

For career counselors who guide student veterans
A career counselor meets with local business leaders

Connecting with Employers

Building bridges for student veterans

Military Friendly Employers

A list of known veteran-friendly employers. From

Disability Equality Index: Best Places to Work

Provides resources around disability-inclusive employers, including rankings on the disability inclusiveness of businesses across the country. From Disability:IN

Learn to Love Networking

Key points on how to network with businesses and learn to like it. From the Harvard Business Review

Career Counselors as Partnership Facilitators

Ideas for how higher education practitioners and career counselors can build and evaluate partnerships with businesses in this helpful article by Guy Alba. From the National Career Development Association

Powerful Partners: Businesses and Community Colleges

Ideas and case studies of successful partnerships between community colleges and businesses an article by Katie Brown (PDF). From the National Skills Coalition

Expanding Public-Private Partnerships

A white paper on how to ensure that public-private partnerships can function for veterans and their families (PDF). From the Office of Warrior and Family Support

5 Reasons Why Employers Are Not Hiring Vets

An easy-to-read article summarizing research on employers’ key reasons why they hesitate to hire vets. From

Public/Private Partnerships and Employment of People with Disabilities

An overview of research on a project to understand how public-private partnerships can lead to enhanced employment for people with disabilities (PDF). From Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation